I Moved To Portland, Oregon

Yes, it's true...

You may have noticed that it's been a little quieter than usual around here over the summer, & now you know why! I’ve held off on making this announcement public until now for a variety of reasons...one being that every time I’ve sat down to write this post, it’s been a real struggle to keep it from turning into a long list of all the many negative reasons I have for deciding to leave my life in California behind.

So instead of a rant, i’ll just say this: As magical as Santa Barbara is, I need to start over. It’s been a long time coming. I woke up one morning a couple of months ago after a particularly rough week & said to myself: “This is it. I’m done.”

I’ve reached the breaking point where my body is physically falling apart from stress, I’ve been losing the things & people I treasure left & right, I agonize over whether or not my nonstop work schedule will ever end up paying off, etc...& one slap in the face after another, I finally began to pick up on the fact that the universe has been pushing me towards a new & better life.

So I gave my notices, said my goodbyes, threw all my belongings into my car & a friend's van, & headed off. I am so blessed to have landed in an amazing new house, a new photo studio, & to finally have the freedom to breathe & focus on taking better care of myself & on pursuing the things that I love.

I’m ready to take so many things to the next level, my career, the quality of my relationships, my personal development & spiritual growth, etc., - I haven’t been this excited for the future in a long time.

I’m sending SO much love to every single beautiful person who has gone out of their way to make me feel loved & supported over this last month - my coworkers, my clients, my fellow photographers, my family & friends, etc. - I am so grateful for the encouragement I’ve received from all of you. And last but not least - don’t worry, I’ll be back on the California coast soon! Keep an eye out for my upcoming travel dates…i’ll be releasing them soon.

Much love to you all, - MK