Personal Branding: What Is It? : Part 1

Who are you as an Individual or Business, & what is the message, product, or service you have to offer the world? 

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This is the first question I ask of all of my Personal Branding clients - it may seem like a simple inquiry, but the answers contain essential core values & objectives that must be reflected in the content you put out into the world as you work to market yourself & create a strong, professional online presence that helps you to attract your ideal clients & customers.


For many years, the visual content required to establish your business was relatively simple. A Headshot or two, a simple photo of your product, perhaps some pictures of your place of business. This was enough content to use for print marketing, to place your product in a newspaper or catalog, & to convince a customer that you & your services were professional, valuable, & legitimate.


Now, with the increasingly competitive and often over-saturated world of Social Media - a world where anyone & everyone can create a platform to highlight themselves & their products - it’s become absolutely essential that businesses have not only the aforementioned images, but that they are constantly refreshing their websites, social media feeds, & even their print marketing with media that tells a potential customer a visual story that illustrates how their lives would change for the better by engaging with you and your product. 


And thus, the world of Personal Branding was born. Social selling & marketing consultants, content creators (videographers, designers, & photographers) & you, the business owner, can all work together to create a powerful visual marketing plan that includes corporate and/or more relaxed headshots & portraits of you & your team, images of your product and place of business, and styled photos that show the customer how your service or product is created, used, & valued. 

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In this overwhelmingly digital age, people crave a human experience.


Interactive & engaging videos & photos catch the attention of the people scrolling through their Facebook feeds or perusing Instagram hashtags, looking for a product or industry professional that promises to enhance or beautify their lives. 

If a business owner is willing to invest the extra time & money required to illustrate their business’s story in a way that is both personable & practical, it will undeniably help to target the right people, increase engagement with followers & potential customers, & build strong relationships that can lead to repeat sales & customer referrals later on down the road.

In conclusion, Personal Branding can be defined as your presence both online and offline to potential clients and customers. Your personal brand builds your business, but it still centers around you & your business's core values & unique story. A business with a solid Personal Brand is consistently presenting their value & purpose in a way that is professional, visually interesting, informational, & cohesive. 

Content leads to conversations, and your visual presence is either working for you or against you in a world that is overflowing with many, many competitors!




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Next up, an Interview with ERIN FRED, a local Social Media Marketer - she'll be giving us some suggestions on ways to take control of your social media and utilize visual content to market yourself & your business more effectively!

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