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at the beach

carpinteria, california

Every model knows what a constant task it is to keep their book current - whether you’re just starting out & you’re trying to apply to new agencies, or you’re an already signed model trying to update your book, the need for new images is real & never-ending. A couple of months ago, my friend Katelyn asked me to help her update her modeling portfolio & I was so excited to work with her - these types of sessions are so much fun for me!

We wanted to get plenty of variety in this session, so we decided to split our shoot into two sections - we spent some time at the beach (you can’t have a portrait photoshoot in Santa Barbara without doing at least a few shots on the beach, right?) & afterwards, we headed to the studio to take some more shots in a place where we’d have the ability to work with simpler backgrounds & take headshots, full body images, etc.

First up, the beach - we went to a spot in nearby Carpinteria, & walked around town taking some Lifestyle shots in a few different outfits. Shoutout to Leiko Kauai for providing us with these awesome multi-colored vintage custom jeans! Afterwards, we went to the beach & took some swimsuit shots… both of us got super sandy from trying out different poses & rolling around in the sand for the best angles. Worth it? Of course - #doitforthegram

Not everyone wants to be a bikini model, but it’s often a shot that modeling agencies want their models to have in their books. A recent bikini shot or two (or three) is essential to have on hand, just in case! Outdoor lifestyle shots are important as well - Katelyn didn’t have any recent images of herself that showed her ability to model different styles of clothing, so we spent a few hours trying on different outfits in multiple locations so that she’d have a large variety of shots to choose from after our shoot.

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in the studio

santa barbara, california

For the second part of our shoot, we spent some time in the studio experimenting with different looks, backgrounds, & poses. Agencies are generally looking for a combination of things in a model’s portfolio - they love to see shots that show a clean, simple look, but they also want to see some versatility in a book as well.

Katelyn & I did some simple portraits & full-body shots with a clean face & simple hair to show off her natural look (often called “Polaroids” or “Digitals” & are needed for comp cards), & then we moved on to some more fun & creative styles. We shot a few hundred images & tried out multiple concepts, but for this blog I decided to share just a small selection of my personal favorites from both of our shoots.

The great thing about shooting with a friend one-on-one is that you have the freedom to go a little crazy - blast some music, experiment with weird outfit combinations, & try out some concepts that you may not have the time or ability to make happen on a more structured shoot. I often get so caught up in the business & client relationship side of Photography that I forget how much fun it is to just let loose, laugh, & lie on the studio floor together eating snacks mid-shoot.

At the end of the day, Katelyn had multiple images with multiple looks that she can now use to refresh her portfolio, update her modeling book & comp card, & use to apply for upcoming modeling jobs. We may or may not have taken some extra shots (shh...the liquid kind) at the end of the day as well… a girl’s got to celebrate the end of a successful day of work, right?

I hope you all enjoyed this photo blog - check out the links my other blogs below to see more sessions & to learn more about my work! Feel free to leave a comment below as well if you’ve got questions about setting up your own portrait shoot, or check out my BOOKING page for more information about packages & shoot structure! Till next time… - MK

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