On Camera Presence: In Photography • Video Interview Series with Super Simple Videos


let's talk about being on - camera.

it's scary, having a camera in your face. It can cause even the most confident & poised among us to freeze up, stutter, & feel uncomfortable. Lucky for you, i teamed up with creativity coach & actress leah salinas to share some tips that will help you feel as prepared as possible for your next photo or video shoot!

Leah Salinas is one half of the husband & wife team behind SUPER SIMPLE VIDEOS, a video production company based here in Santa Barbara, California. As an actress & creativity coach, Leah knows a thing or two about presenting your best self to the camera when you're being filmed - & as a photographer, I have plenty of tips i've learned that help my clients to feel more comfortable & confident that they're looking their best in a photoshoot session, too!

And so, we've put our heads together & created a series of short videos that provide you with a few tips to keep in mind when you head into your next photo session - observations, exercises, etc. that will help you put your best foot forward, whether you're going to be in front of the camera or behind it!

In the videos below, I answer some questions from my point of view as a photographer. Keep an eye out for post #2 of this series, where Leah will share her answers to the same questions, but from the perspective of a videographer!


Part One - Feeling Nervous on Camera

Part two - simple on-camera tips


part three - how to feel more comfortable on camera

part four - on-camera mistakes


need video marketing for your business? 

Super Simple Videos is such a fun local company to work with! Leah & Rene are very professional, always on time & prepared, & they have such a lovely, upbeat, positive energy.