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Disclaimer: This website uses affiliate links, meaning: at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you click through on any of these links & make a purchase. I only feature products, programs, & tools that I believe in & use myself. Your support means the world - thank you!

Client Management & Communications

HoneyBook: My CRM of choice - I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without it! This is the program I use for almost everything: Contracts, Invoicing, Scheduling, Workflow Automations, Client Questionnaires, Email Communication, & more. Click here to get 25% off your subscription for one year!

Zoom: We all know this one - I use Zoom for all of my virtual consultations & sales sessions. It integrates easily with the Honeybook scheduler, making it super simple for me to schedule calls & to send clients automatic appointment reminders via email.

OpenPhone: If you’re looking to get a dedicated phone number for your business, look no further! I host my Studio Phone number through OpenPhone so that I can keep all my client calls & texts in one place. It integrates with Zapier as well, making it super easy to send out auto-texts, etc. Click here to get $20 off your plan!

Marketing Tools

Flodesk: I’ve tried quite a few email marketing platforms, & Flodesk is currently my favorite. It’s easy to use & comes with lots of visually appealing templates. I use it to send out my monthly email newsletters, host & deliver my lead magnets, etc. Click here to get 50% off of your Flodesk subscription for one year!

MOO: Call me crazy, but I’m still a fan of the old-fashioned business card. I always have a box of them in my purse to whip out at networking events - I use the “Luxe” cards from Moo & always get compliments on the quality. Click here to get a discount off of your first order from Moo!

Interact: This is the program I use to host my online photoshoot location quiz! This quiz has turned out to be an amazing tool - it’s provided a whole new way for me to educate new clients & get them excited about their shoots. Click here to start your free Interact trial!

Later: We all know how hard it can be to keep up & stay consistent on social media - Later is the best (in my opinion) content scheduling program out there! Easily schedule posts to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, & even TikTok. Click here to get 10 free posts when you sign up for an account with Later!

Hosting Programs

Pic-Time: There are so many Gallery hosting programs for Photographers on the market, & in my opinion, Pic-Time truly outdoes them all. Create beautiful, customizable galleries for your clients, integrate a print shop, set up email marketing campaigns, & more! Use my code for a discount when you sign up for Pic-Time: 74NRV3

Squarespace: I’ve been a loyal Squarespace customer for years - I use them to host not only my website, but also my blog, my domain name, & my client portal feature. I find the platform easy to use & understand - I recommend Squarespace for anyone looking to build their first website, especially if you’re doing it on your own!

Flipsnack: This is the program I use to embed the digital, PDF version of my pricing & photoshoot guide on my website. Works seamlessly on desktop & mobile, & makes it super easy for my new clients to view my guide as an online magazine so that they don’t have to navigate annoying email PDF attachments.

Task Management & Utilities

Zapier: It’s like having a personal assistant - but better! I use Zapier to automate all the little picky tasks - sending text appointment reminders, creating Google folders, making automatic tasks, & syncing everything to, well, everything. Makes my life so much easier!

Todoist: One word: obsessed. I use Todoist to keep track of every single chore & task I’m responsible for in my work & personal life - right down to remembering to make my credit card payments & take out the trash. Syncs to my desktop & to my phone so I never forget a single task or meeting. I use this program every single day!

Backblaze: Multiple backups are incredibly important - this is the cloud backup system that I personally use in addition to backing my projects up on external hard drives. Click here to get a free month of Backblaze!


Quickbooks: Do yourself a favor & become a Quickbooks user! It’s industry standard for a reason - Quickbooks contains all of the features you need to make sure that your bookkeeping is organized. Plus, if you have a CPA or Accountant, they’ll be able to log in with you to help you manage everything so that you have a stress-free tax season. Click to save 75% off your first three months with Quickbooks!

Dropbox: As soon as I deliver a final session, I export the photos to a folder in Dropbox. This makes it super easy for me to access them on my phone & to upload them to Later to schedule & post on my social media accounts. Click here to sign up & get some free storage space!

Google G Suite: The great thing about Google products is that they integrate with everything. My Google Calendar is integrated with Honeybook & Todoist, & I use Google drive to store client notes & files. I use Google sheets to keep upcoming shoots organized, & all of this is shared with my team so that we stay integrated & never have any scheduling issues, lost files, etc.

Editing & Creative

Aftershoot: This program saves me more time than you can imagine. Aftershoot uses AI to help you cull your image catalogs & can even apply basic edits, too! This program singlehandedly allows me to take on more clients - it speeds up my workflow significantly & integrates easily with Adobe Lightroom. Click to get 10% off of your Aftershoot Subscription!

Adobe Creative Cloud: I use Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom for all of my editing, color toning, retouching, etc.

JPEG Mini Coupon Code Image Compression Resizing for Photographers.jpg

JPEGmini: Reduce file size without compromising image quality! This is a must when you’re resizing images for your blog or website - keep those file sizes small to optimize SEO & page speed times. I run all my images through JPEGmini before uploading them to any pages on my website.

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