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Have you ever looked at a photographer’s website, scrolled through their portfolio, & thought to yourself: “Wow… all of these people are so photogenic! I’m not sure my photos would look that great, & maybe I’m not ready to have a photoshoot after all.”

I’ll let you in on a little secret: The majority of the people you've seen in my Personal Branding Galleries have never been professionally photographed before! It’s totally normal to be nervous about being in front of a camera - most people are! The good news is this: We’ll spend a lot of time getting to know each other before our photoshoot so that you’ll feel less overwhelmed on the day of your session - I believe that it’s my job to guide you into natural poses, find the best lighting, help you choose flattering outfits, & to create a fun & relaxing environment so that you feel completely confident & at ease during your photoshoot.

Want to see some examples? Click through the gallery below to see some before & after photos of my amazing clients! These are real, same-day transformations. All of the “before” photos are unedited & have been taken with an iPhone before the client has had their hair & makeup styled. The “after” photo is one of the final, fully retouched images that the client chose to purchase after their shoot.

Last but not least, here’s something to consider while you’re looking through these before & after photos: This gallery is not about showing a person looking “better” or “worse” - these photos are all about showing you the power of natural, relaxed posing, quality lighting, flattering wardrobe, just the right amount of hair & makeup styling, a professional camera, etc. It’s my job to make sure that I bring all of these different components together in perfect balance so that I can create photographs of you that really highlight your natural, beautiful glow.

I hope that this gallery reassures you that yes, you too can look amazing in photos!

If you’re a past client & you’d like your photos to be included in this before & after gallery, send me an email to let me know that I can include you!

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