Roberta Dietrich | Personal Branding Photoshoot at Sparks Lake

Branding Portraits at Sparks Lake in Bend Oregon by Miranda Kelton Photography

Roberta’s Branding Photos

Sparks Lake | Bend, Oregon

Sparks Lake is one of the most popular photoshoot locations here in Bend, & for good reason. You can’t beat this scenery! When my client Roberta reached out to me looking for a Branding Photoshoot, she told me that she had a specific vision in mind for her website’s home page image: a portrait of herself at Sparks Lake, looking out across the water with Mt. Bachelor in the background. We drove up the Cascade Lakes Highway on a gorgeous evening in late June & got the perfect shots for her right at golden hour - we couldn’t be happier with her final images.

Roberta Dietrich is a Wellness Coach based here in Bend - take a look at her website, RD Wellness Coaching! She needed a set of fun, unique Personal Branding photos that she could use for her website, blog, social media accounts, Linkedin, & more. Sparks Lake was the number one location on our list, but we also took some photos in the Studio & at our local Farmer’s Market here in Bend. This mix of locations made for a great variety of colorful, lively images for her to choose from. Keep reading to see more from Roberta’s Branding Session!

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Photoshoot at Sparks Lake in Bend Oregon by Miranda Kelton Photography

Sparks Lake has stunning views of South Sister, Brokentop, & Mt. Bachelor depending on the exact location you’re in & which angle you’re taking photographs from. Roberta & I walked around to a couple of different spots to get some close-up portraits & some more expansive landscape shots. We may or may not have had to fight off a few mosquitoes along the way, but bugs aside - we lucked out & had a perfect, glowy evening.

Roberta’s top priority for her photoshoot was to create images that focus on her values of healthy living, keeping an active lifestyle, & to show her love of the outdoors - however, she wanted to show her professional side as well. In her new business, RD Wellness Coaching, she wants to connect with clients in corporate, high-demand careers who are struggling to build & maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is passionate about helping people find ways to modify & prioritize wellness so that they can achieve a sustainable balance with their health & professional goals!

White Aspen Creative Photography Studio Branding Session Miranda Kelton Photography
Roberta Dietrich Personal Branding Photoshoot at White Aspen Creative Bend Oregon

Before heading up to Sparks Lake, we spent some time at White Aspen Creative, a rental Photography Studio & event venue space here in Bend. We created some portraits, headshots, & lifestyle images that Roberta can use for professional use - speaking engagements, profile photos, print marketing, etc. We chose a more neutral set of colors for these images, as Roberta loves earth tones & is planning to utilize browns, grays, & greens as part of her Branding color palette. I really enjoy creating little desk sets for my clients to show them at work - we had a great time trying out different outfits (hello, I need those adorable green pants!) & poses to create lots of variety at this location as well.

Did we stop our shoot at two locations? Surprise, surprise… nope, a third location enters the chat! Roberta had such great location ideas for her photoshoot & our last set of images was shot at our Wednesday Farmer’s Market here in Downtown Bend.

Shooting in a busy public location can be a little overwhelming, but Roberta handled it like a pro! We walked up & down the aisles of the market while she bought some produce & flowers at the most colorful stands we could find. We walked off to the side lawn area next to the market for a few photos as well so that we could get some shots with less people in the background - I love how these turned out! These shots really show off Roberta’s friendly, sunny personality & they are definitely some of my favorites from this entire session.

As always, Hair & Makeup was done by the amazing Christine Colucci - it takes a village to make these gorgeous photos happen for my clients & I am truly honored to be working with such a lovely, supportive team. Click the button below to learn more about Roberta & her Wellness Coaching business - our shoot was so much fun & I can’t wait to see how she uses her final images.

If you’re new to the concept of Personal Branding Photography & are interested in learning more, check out my blog post: What Is Personal Branding Photography? Feel free to leave a comment below as well if you’ve got questions about setting up your own photoshoot, & take a look at my Booking page for more information about shoot structure, etc. Till next time!

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