Frequently Asked Questions


How far in advance should i book my session?

It’s best to book your session a minimum of 4-6 weeks in advance so that everyone involved has enough time to plan & prepare. To get started, please visit my Booking page to learn more about the booking process & to schedule your complimentary consultation! You can also click to read my complete Photoshoot Process guide in order to more about the entire photoshoot experience.

Are you going to Retouch or “Photoshop” my Images?

Yes, every image that you choose to purchase will be edited with my signature color toning methods & will also be given a full professional retouch to handle the removal of distracting elements such as stray hairs, skin blemishes, undereye circles, etc. During your Image Purchasing Session, we will communicate about any specific retouching requests you may have, & my retouching assistant & I will edit all of your final images with a clean, natural look so that you’ll look like the most polished, authentic version of yourself. You can be confident that your final images will look flawless & beautiful!

What Do You Charge?

All sessions begin at $690 & include a consultation & planning session, a guidebook & packet with info on how to prepare for your shoot, pre-production planning & styling services, a professional hairstylist & makeup artist, wardrobe styling assistance, & your customized photoshoot. Images are priced separately, & my collections begin at $1590. I offer images in package collection sets &/or at a per-image fee. What you choose to spend is totally up to you - you don’t have to choose your images until your Image Purchasing Session after your shoot! We also offer interest-free financing options through Synchrony Bank should you prefer to split up the cost of your session over a series of 12 or 18 months.

Do you offer Payment Plans or Gift Cards?

Yes - we offer interest-free financing options through Synchrony Bank! I have Digital Gift Cards available online for pre-purchase as well. For more details about pricing, visit my Booking page & fill out my inquiry form to receive a full price list & to schedule your free consultation session.

Can I Just Get The Digital Images From my Shoot?

Digitals & Prints are the same price, & every image you purchase comes with a complimentary print. You will always get both no matter how many images you choose to purchase! Each image you purchase comes with a museum-quality archival print & the corresponding digital image in both print & web size. To learn more about the products that the studio offers, click here: The Studio Product Collection.

What is “Camera-Ready” Makeup? 

Believe it or not, makeup can show up very differently on a camera than it does in real life. If you choose to wear no makeup at all, the flashes & lights used during your session can really wash you out & make your face appear to have no depth or any natural skin tones whatsoever - especially if you are very fair-skinned! What may appear to be heavier makeup in person will actually photograph beautifully & will help to smooth out any blemishes or uneven patches of skin, minimize wrinkles, etc.

Our makeup artists are trained in camera-ready makeup, & that includes “clean beauty” or “no-makeup” makeup looks. They know how to apply makeup in a way that will help you to look great on camera - this includes adding subtle definition to your eyes, using pro products that make your skin appear flawless on camera, & adding just a touch of color so that your complexion will look radiant & healthy. A professional makeup artist knows how to highlight certain areas of your face so that your skin has a beautiful glow & balanced skin tones. To learn more, click to read my blog post: 5 Reasons To Hire a Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist For Your Photoshoot

What is an Image Purchasing Session?

After your photoshoot, I will go through your images & pick out the best of the best for you to review! After I edit the best images from your shoot, I will present the low-resolution, watermarked version of these images to you in an Online Image Proofing Gallery - to learn more, click here to read my Proofing Gallery Guide. After you’ve had about a week to look through the images & have been able to start picking favorites, we will meet up either in person or via Zoom so that I can help you to narrow down & select the final images, Collection Packages, or Wall Art pieces that you would like to purchase. To learn more, click here to read my detailed Image Purchasing Session Guide.

I’m not very photogenic - I’m Really Nervous To be photographed!

I’ll let you in on a little secret… the majority of people you’ll see in my Personal Branding galleries have never been professionally photographed before! Check out this gallery of real client Before & After Photos, & just know that it’s totally normal to be nervous about being in front of a camera. We’ll spend a lot of time getting to know each other before our shoot so that you’ll feel less overwhelmed on the day of your session. It’s my job to guide you into natural poses, find the best lighting, & help you choose flattering outfits so that you feel confident & prepared. Click here to read Testimonials from past clients, & click here for some tips that will help you to prepare & to feel more confident in front of the camera.

Do you only photograph women?

No matter your gender, sexuality, body type, age, ethnicity, etc., you are welcome here! Many of my clients are women, but here at Miranda Kelton Photography we believe in creating a safe space for everyone that is inclusive, body-positive, & identity-affirming. Having your portrait taken creates an opportunity for you to explore your own identity & personal style - it can be a deeply healing experience to have photographs taken of yourself. Everyone deserves to have a photo of themselves that they love!

WHERE ARE YOU BASED? Do you travel?

My photography studio is located in Bend, Oregon. Click here to take a tour! I also work frequently in-studio & on-location in Portland, Oregon, & Los Angeles, California. I travel often, & if you’re interested in having me come to you for a shoot, please fill out the email inquiry form on my Booking page & we can discuss travel fees, my upcoming availability, etc. 

What Should I wear for my Session?

You will receive some helpful outfit planning guides after your pre-shoot consultation! I also offer add-on sessions with one of my Wardrobe Stylists at an extra fee for those clients who are interested in investing in their long-term wardrobe & need a little extra help refining their style for both their upcoming photoshoots & for everyday life, upcoming events, etc. Click here to learn more!

Are you an eco-friendly business?

We make every effort to run the Studio as sustainably as possible - we use only recyclable &/or biodegradable shipping & packaging materials, limit our use of plastic & single-use products, & only use natural cleaning products in our space. We also offer environmentally friendly ecoleather options for our heirloom products - every art piece from the studio is meant to last a lifetime! Read these two blog posts for more information about our commitment to running an environmentally conscious business: 1% for the Planet & Leave No Trace | Outdoor Ethics for Photographers

I accidentally damaged one of my Studio products - help!

A Lifetime Warranty is included with every product sold by Miranda Kelton Photography. If any accidental damage should happen to a print or product, we will replace it for you. Only the finest products leave our Studio, & we guarantee that these heirloom quality items are carefully handcrafted by our selected Labs & partners. Your prints & products are meant to last a lifetime!

Do You Have a Referral Program?

Yes - your referral is the greatest compliment that you can give me! Once we’ve wrapped up your session, I’ll give you a referral card that you can gift to a friend - this card will give the recipient $100 off of the cost of their session with Miranda Kelton Photography. For every new client that you send my way who books a shoot, you can expect a special thank you gift in return. Click here to learn more!