What Is An Image Purchasing Session?


Raise your hand if you’ve ever had the following experience: You hired a photographer, had an amazing photoshoot with them, they sent you a gallery containing the photos from your shoot, you opened the gallery, &... felt completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of images you received. Or, even worse, you took the time to go through that massive gallery & found that you didn’t even really like many of the images it contained!

Maybe you feel like you wasted your time & money, or maybe you only end up posting a couple of the photos for reasons like: “Oh, If only my hair looked a little different in this shot!” or “Ugh, I love this photo, but I wish my shirt sleeve wasn’t sticking out so awkwardly…”. Frustrating, right? Unfortunately, it’s a common experience - many of my clients have told me stories like this about photoshoots they’ve had with photographers in the past & expressed their disappointment that the gallery of photos they received wasn’t quite everything they hoped it would be. 

But here’s the good news - at my studio, I’ve got a solution that will prevent us from experiencing any of these issues: Enter the Image Purchasing Session! I schedule an Image Purchasing Session with every single one of my clients after their photoshoot - this session ensures that my clients are only paying for the images that they truly love, that each image they choose is retouched to perfection, & that they have a thoughtfully curated gallery to select from after their photoshoot. No more overwhelming galleries, no more wasted time/money, & no more stray hairs or awkward wardrobe malfunctions to be seen! 

Read on to discover how Image Purchasing Sessions help me to provide a high level of service to you (my amazing clients!), & learn how to prepare for your own Image Purchasing Session after your photoshoot!


What IS AN IMAGE PURCHASING SESSION, & How does it work?

After your photoshoot, I will go through your images & pick out the best of the best for you to review. About a week after your photoshoot, we will meet up for your Image Purchasing Session (either in person or via Zoom).

During your Image Purchasing Session, I will go through your Images with you & help you to pick your favorites, choose a package, & select any products you may want to order. I'll help you narrow down your favorites if you're having trouble deciding which images you'd like to purchase, talk through pricing options with you, discuss any extra retouching requests, etc. 

Deciding which images you want to purchase from your photoshoot can be very overwhelming, & the Image Purchasing Session is my way of creating an opportunity for us to review & discuss your images together before you commit to any purchases. Remember that you’re free to purchase however many images you like - some people just buy a couple, some people buy a package set, it's all up to you. Once you select & purchase your final images during the Image Purchasing Session, I will send you a final gallery that contains the high-resolution, fully retouched versions of the images that you have purchased.

Why is an Image Purchasing Session so Important?

As your Photographer, I believe it’s part of my job to help you curate a collection of your favorite images after your shoot. The task of sifting through a massive gallery, trying to understand how to pick out favorites, purchasing high-quality Wall Art, etc., shouldn’t fully fall on the shoulders of my clients - it’s my responsibility to help you with every single step of the process.

My goal is for every single one of my clients to truly love their images. It’s as simple as that. It’s really important for both you as the client & me as your photographer to have this time to communicate with each other. The Image Purchasing Session prevents my clients from feeling overwhelmed or confused by their images, my collection packages, or their product options, & it really ensures that every single one of my clients is completely satisfied with the images & products they choose to purchase. I’m here for you, every step of the way!


Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for your session:

1. Refer to the Product & Pricing Guide that you received with your Welcome Packet to refresh your memory & to review the pricing structure. Make sure that anyone else who is helping you to make your final purchase decisions (spouse, parent, business partner, etc.) has reviewed the pricing information as well.

2. Next, we will meet up either in-person or via Zoom & I will walk through your favorite images with you, talk with you about any retouching requests you may have, discuss your Wall Art options, finalize any custom product designs, & will then help you to select whichever of my Image Collection Packages is the best fit for you. After we have completed your Purchasing Session, you will receive an invoice via email & your final digital images & products will be delivered to you once your payment has been received in full.

3. Once you’ve selected & paid for your picks, I’ll deliver your gallery of fully retouched digital images, & your accompanying prints & products will arrive to you via mail. Now that you have a set of beautiful new images, you can finally go fix up that website, spruce up your Instagram, & create all the blog posts, print marketing, etc. that you've been dreaming of!

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