Jaelyn Israel | Branding Photoshoot for Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer

Branding Photoshoot for Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer Jaelyn Israel by Miranda Kelton Photography.JPG

Jaelyn’s Branding Photoshoot

In The Gym | Bend, Oregon

If you’re looking for fitness photoshoot inspo, look no further: I’m so excited to share this branding photoshoot in the gym with fitness coach, personal trainer, & all-around badass, Jaelyn Israel!

Jaelyn is a women’s fitness coach based here in Bend, Oregon - she came to me looking for a set of unique branding photos that she could use to update her website, freshen up her social media accounts, & to help create & launch her new digital fitness training programs. During our first meeting, Jaelyn told me that she wants to help her clients balance multiple aspects of fitness: nutrition, weight loss management, & more. Most of all, she would like to focus on helping women who are feeling stuck in their current fitness routine (or lack of a routine!), & she wants to use her years of training experience to show women that there is always an opportunity to change their lives & achieve their goals.

I had the best time creating Jaelyn’s photos & really enjoyed working with her on this fitness photoshoot - she was so much fun & is a truly inspiring human being. Keep reading to see more from Jaelyn’s Branding Photoshoot!

Branding Photoshoot for Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer Jaelyn Israel by Miranda Kelton Photography.JPG
Woman lifting weights fitness photoshoot miranda kelton photography

Jaelyn & I decided that we wanted her photos to have that contrasty, edgy, high-key look that you often see in fitness photography. This was really exciting for me as it was an opportunity to bust out a few more lights & use a bit more gear than I usually do for portrait photoshoots - I love being able to mix things up for my clients.

We wanted to shoot a mixture of posed shots, relaxed lifestyle-type shots, & a couple of more personal shots as well. As we were pulling together some female fitness photoshoot ideas, I spent some extra time thinking about the best way to highlight & enhance Jaelyn’s amazing physique & muscle tone - girl can flex!

To start off, we went through a series of exercises you’d commonly see in a classic full-body gym workout. Arms, legs, back, etc. - & you can’t forget the stretching at the beginning & the end! This entire session was shot in a home gym, which made things really easy as all of the equipment we needed was readily available & there was plenty of room to move around. We made sure to switch up outfits to get some good variety in between our sets as well - for Jaelyn, it was a workout & photoshoot all in one, as she was (literally) doing all the heavy lifting.!

I shot a series on a black background to give Jaelyn some images that will be perfect for creating marketing materials for digital products, online training programs, etc. - simple backgrounds are often the easiest to extend in photoshop, to add text to, & more. After finishing up some plain background shots & taking a couple of lifestyle portraits, we did one last set of images with Jaelyn wearing her military pants & showing off her impressive abs. This was a special vision of Jaelyn’s - she asked to create these photos specifically as it was important to her to have some photos that highlighted her military background as well. These last shots were some of my absolute favorites from the entire session - it was so challenging to choose our final favorite photos from this shoot!

Behind The Scenes

I wanted to include a few quick behind-the-scenes shots taken by my amazing assistant, Sara! I always love seeing photos & videos of the process that went into creating an image (lighting, backdrops, posing, etc.) - it makes the final edited image that much more satisfying. Check out my Instagram for a little video of this project if you’d like to see more, & take a moment to leave a comment if you have any questions about this photoshoot!

As always, the Hair & Makeup for this photoshoot was done by the amazing Christine Colucci - we had fun creating this look & added a little fake “sweat” (glycerin + water in a spray bottle works wonders!) as well to make the workout shots look as authentic as possible. I love utilizing extra little tricks here & there that will take your photos up a notch - we’re looking to create next level images for you & your business!

If you’re new to the concept of Personal Branding Photography & are interested in learning more, check out my blog post: What Is Personal Branding Photography? Feel free to leave a comment below as well if you’ve got questions about setting up your own photoshoot, & visit my contact page to inquire & to book your complimentary consultation call. Till next time!

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