I’m a Portrait, Branding, & Lifestyle Photographer based in Portland, Oregon, & Los Angeles, California. I create imagery that is both beautiful & practical - imagery that will entice your customers & social media following to interact with you & engage with your products & services. Whether you need headshots & personal branding, creative portraits, fashion & product images, or all of the above, I can help you take your business to the next level with photographs that make it easy to promote yourself & market your work!

inspired by both the quiet & the vibrant. 

I specialize in photographing people & products in the environments that they resonate best with - both visually and emotionally. I believe that it's my responsibility to find & create the most suitable visual space for my subject to exist in - done well, this results in images that cause a powerful experiential catalyst for the viewer. If you’re working to more effectively sell your products or services via imagery, it has to look a step beyond simply believable - it has to look like magic. 

Why Photography?

I became more & more drawn to pursuing Photography as a career as I discovered its inherent quality to morph & change with me as a person. My aesthetic style is always growing & expanding, & regardless of who & what I choose to document, I always find myself being challenged to find new ways to best represent or even to transform the soul of my subject matter.

Through Photography, I can depict any reality I choose - what's more magical than that? 




Photographer for 9 years, creator since birth. Studied Visual Communications, Graphic Design, & Photography at Seattle Pacific University & Santa Barbara City College. 8+ years of work experience in Hair & Makeup Design, Fashion Styling, & Short Film Production. 



• VOYAGE LA MAGAZINE - Q&A Artist Interview - 2019

• PEERSPACE - Feature: The 12 Best Portland Fashion Photographers - 2019

• SANTA BARBARA MAGAZINE - Featured Image, Santa Barbara Picnic Company - 2019

• SUPER SIMPLE VIDEOS - Video Interview: On-Camera Presence: Photography  - 2018

• MEANWISE SPOTLIGHT - Artist Interview - 2017

• GRRYO STORYTELLER - Word & Media Feature - 2014


client list

Psychedelic Honey Swim & Activewear, Sara Caputo - Radiant Organizing, Black Sand Swimwear,,,,, SUPERSIMPLEVIDEOS.COM, THE, peters & Milam insurance services,, Santa Barbara Picnic Co, feather & Bell Apothecary



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