5 Reasons To Hire A Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist For Your Photoshoot


For many people, the thought of trusting a stranger to style their Hair & Makeup for their upcoming photoshoot can be a little bit intimidating - & it’s not hard to understand why! Your Hair & Makeup preferences are extremely personal aspects of your own individual style - some of us prefer to rock a full face & a blowout every day, some of us are happy to head out into public with a bare face & a ponytail - we all have our go-to looks that make us feel comfortable & confident as we head to work, go out to a party, hit the gym, etc.

It’s important to let your individual style shine through when you’re having your photos taken - we want your final images to be an authentic representation of your unique personality! So why should you have a Professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist style you for your next photoshoot? The purpose of having your hair & makeup professionally styled for your shoot isn’t to make you look like someone you’re not - it’s all about highlighting your natural beauty, providing you with a camera-ready look, & giving you that extra little confidence boost right before your photoshoot.

Here at my Studio, a Professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist is included in every session at no extra fee - it’s a complimentary service that I provide to you in order to make sure that you are looking & feeling your absolute best for your photoshoot! You can rest assured that all of my Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists are industry professionals - they’re comfortable working with all types, textures, & tones of hair & skin. Each stylist that I work with has gone through an extensive interview & testing process with me so that I can guarantee that they will be able to provide all of my clients with an outstanding level of service.

Keep reading to find out the top 5 reasons why it’s essential to have your hair & makeup styled by a professional before your photoshoot, discover some answers to a few frequently asked questions, & finally, check out some tips that will ensure you arrive to your shoot with your hair & skin fully prepped for styling!

#1. Enjoy a Stress-Free Experience

Not a beauty guru? Not to fear! While many people love to spend time styling their own hair & makeup on the daily, there are plenty of us out there who feel really overwhelmed by the idea of styling their hair & makeup before a photoshoot. Having a professional hair & makeup artist style you before your session saves you time & stress beforehand, & it removes the pressure of having to figure out your look all on your own. Having this styling time before your session also allows you to relax before your shoot - my clients love to sit with their coffee & chat with me & their stylist while we’re all prepping for the shoot together. It provides a great way for us to all get comfortable with one another - you don’t have to show up to the studio & jump straight in front of the camera!

#2. Achieve exactly the Style you want

Want a natural, minimal makeup look? Or maybe, you’d rather have that full set of lashes & bright lipstick? Want to try something new - maybe that cat eyeliner that you’ve never quite been able to nail? No problem - this is your chance to get your hair & makeup done however you would like. My stylists always begin by asking how you normally wear your hair & makeup, & from there we all communicate together to ensure that you feel completely satisfied with how you look. I also have some charts & visual references available at my Studio (see image below) that will help you to explain to your Makeup Artist exactly how light/heavy you would like your makeup to look.

If you have troubled skin or are prone to breakouts, don’t worry! Not only do my makeup artists know how to do your makeup in a way that will minimize any problem areas, but I also work with professional retouchers to be sure that your final images don’t show any skin issues that you may have.

#3. Nail a Camera-Friendly Look

Believe it or not, makeup can show up very differently on a camera than it does in real life. If you choose to wear no makeup at all, the flashes & lights used during your session can really wash you out & make your face appear to have no depth or any natural skin tones whatsoever - especially if you are very fair-skinned! What may appear to be heavier makeup in person will actually photograph beautifully & will help to smooth out any blemishes or uneven patches of skin, minimize wrinkles, etc. A professional makeup artist knows how to highlight certain areas of your face so that your skin has a beautiful glow & balanced skin tones.

Our makeup artists are trained in camera-ready makeup, & that includes “clean beauty” or “no-makeup” makeup looks. They know how to apply makeup in a way that will help you to look great on camera - this includes adding subtle definition to your eyes, using pro products that make your skin appear flawless on camera, and adding just a touch of color so that your complexion will look radiant & healthy. 

The same goes for hair - it’s essential to create a hairstyle that is as polished as possible. Little uneven pieces or stubborn flyaways can definitely look distracting in portraits, & can also create extra retouching time in photoshop after your session to remove those flyaways - one tiny hair at a time. A professional hairstylist will know how to style your hair so that it looks sleek & symmetrical, no matter your hair color, length, or texture.

#4. Put your best face forward

It goes without saying that you want your final images to look flawless! When you’re planning your photoshoot, you want your hair, makeup, & wardrobe to all work together to highlight your best features & so that you look professional & polished. The stylists are here to help you make sure that all these factors will come together so that your photographs will portray you in the best possible light. Not only do professional stylists know exactly what products to use & where to apply them, but they also know exactly how certain types of makeup will affect how the photographs turn out, as well as how light will affect the makeup colors or shades. Even a natural look involves using way more products than you might think!

#5. Boost Your Confidence Before Your Photoshoot

One of my favorite parts of the photoshoot process is when my client looks in the mirror right after their hair & makeup is finished & says “Wow, is that me? I look amazing - maybe I should go out tonight! Can you come & do my hair & makeup every day?” I love seeing everyone’s delighted reactions! Everyone gets out of the styling chair with a smile on their face & immediately goes to the mirror to take a selfie. Some of my clients have even become regular customers of my hairstylists & have started going to their salons for their regular haircut/color appointments! It’s so empowering to start off your photoshoot feeling like you’ve got that extra little boost of confidence - a little hairspray, concealer, & some lipstick can truly go a long way.

Frequently asked questions: Hair & Makeup

what if I don’t normally wear much makeup?

This is a question I get very often - the “no-makeup” or “clean” makeup look is a popular request! My stylists always begin by asking how you normally wear your hair & makeup & from there we all communicate together to ensure that you feel completely comfortable with how you look & with the amount of makeup that you are wearing. If you feel that your makeup looks too heavy or you don’t love your hairstyle, don’t be afraid to ask for something different - we want to make sure you are fully satisfied with your appearance before we begin your shoot!

What about hair & Makeup or Grooming for Men?

Most men are not interested in wearing much makeup or in having their hair styled before their session - however, a little bit of product can really go a long way! For the boys, some light concealer can really help with any blemishes, dark spots, or under-eye circles, and a little translucent powder will take away shine from the skin & can blur the look of pores. I recommend that all my male clients take a trip to their barber at least a week before their session in order to get their hair trimmed, & I also advise them to clean up any facial hair the evening before or the morning of their session before they arrive.

What if I have allergies/sensitivities to certain products, smells, etc.?

After you book your shoot, I’ll send you a planning questionnaire that contains some extra questions that help will me to prepare for your session. In this questionnaire, I’ll ask if you have any allergies or sensitivities that I should know about beforehand. I will then communicate all of that information to my Hair & Makeup Artists so that they are aware & won’t use any products that will irritate your skin or cause you to have any allergic reactions. If you have custom makeup or hair products that you know work well for you, feel free to bring them along to the shoot with you!

Can I have more than one Hair or Makeup look for my session?

Of course! Depending on the type of session you have planned, we can certainly change up your hair & makeup looks throughout the shoot. I like to have my stylists start with a basic look, & then we can build on from there with different lip colors, heavier eye shadows, etc. We can easily transition to different hairstyles (updos, braids, etc.) mid-session as well. During the planning phase of your photoshoot, I’ll create an online moodboard with different sections for you where we can gather inspiration images that will help us to decide exactly how you would like your hair & makeup to look - see inspo examples below:


Here are some tips that will help you to arrive to your photoshoot fully prepared for your styling session!
Click here for my full prep guide: Hair, Skin, & Nails | How To Prepare For Your Photoshoot

1. Arrive to your session with a bare, moisturized face. Stay away from drying face masks during the days leading up to your shoot! Pick hydrating formulas, & always exfoliate gently so as not to irritate your skin.

2. Arrive to your session with clean, dry hair. The evening before (or the morning of, depending on your hair type) wash & dry your hair so that it is ready to be styled by my hairstylist at your shoot. Use minimal product, avoid using hot tools (such as curling or straightening irons), & skip hairspray. If you dye your hair, touching up your regrowth three to five days before your photoshoot is ideal. Keep in mind that this is not the time for drastic changes - an experimental haircut can wait! A subtle trim is all you need.

3. Be sure your nails are trimmed & clean - or even go get a manicure! Soft, neutral colors usually work best, as bright nail colors can often be distracting in photos. If you shave, touch up your body hair, your beard, etc. directly before your shoot. If you tweeze your eyebrows, doublecheck for any strays.

4. Try to avoid spending time in the sun & stay away from fake tanning products: Sunburns, tan lines, & peeling skin are definitely a distraction in portraits! Use sunscreen & stay in the shade. If you usually spray tan or use fake tanning products, take a hiatus during the weeks leading up to your shoot. A fresh tan can sometimes look blotchy or extra-orange on camera.

5. If you have a signature lipstick color you absolutely love, custom match foundation, a special hair product, etc., please feel free to bring these along to the shoot with you. If you have a product you know works well for you, let’s incorporate it into your look! Once we begin your styling session, feel free to tell my Stylists about your daily/hair makeup routine, your likes & dislikes, etc. It can also be very helpful if you bring along a photo or two of yourself where you were wearing a makeup look &/or hairstyle that you really loved & would like to recreate. Inspiration pictures from Pinterest, Instagram, etc. are helpful as well!

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