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It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for - your Final Images are here! We’ve wrapped up your Image Purchasing Session, you’ve paid your final Invoice, & a beautiful online gallery of your favorite images is waiting for you in your inbox. Now you can finally go fix up that website, spruce up your Instagram, & create all the blog posts, print marketing, etc. that you've been dreaming of!

What Is A Final Image GALLERY?

Your Final Image Gallery contains the fully retouched, high-resolution digital images that you chose to purchase during your Image Purchasing Session. Within your Final Gallery, you will be able to download Hi-Res & Web-Size versions of your images, purchase duplicate prints, & more. Keep reading to learn more!


How Do I Download Images from my final image gallery?

To download your images, head to the downward-facing arrow in the toolbar on the top right of your gallery and follow the prompts. Your images are available for download in both Print (Hi-Res) & Web/Social Media (Web-Size) Sharing sizes. Please note: All Final Image Galleries expire 90 days after their release, so be sure to save all your images to your computer. Consider backing up your images on a separate hard drive as well - this will be a lifesaver for you if your photos are ever accidentally lost or deleted from your device.

If you are planning to download images to your mobile device as well as to your computer, please note that most mobile devices do not support the "Download All" option. You can download all of your photos onto your desktop computer at once, or download individual images to your phone or tablet. Watch this tutorial video to learn more about different ways to download your images & how to unzip a folder on your desktop:

What is the difference between a high-resolution & a web-size image?

When you go to download a photo from your gallery, an option will pop up asking you if you would prefer to download a Hi-Res image or a Web-Size image. A High-Resolution file will download your image at the highest possible size with the highest possible image quality & resolution. These are large files, & are best used for printing your images. A Web-Size image is a full resolution, high-quality image that has been compressed down to a significantly smaller file size - these images are best used for posting on social media, your website, for email, or any other type of digital sharing. Many digital platforms will run much slower if they are hosting large image files, and some social media platforms will not upload or may even compress large images to low-quality versions if you try to upload the Hi-Res version.

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What Is the Best Way for me to share My Final images on my social media accounts?

If you're planning to post your final images on your social media accounts, don't forget to tag me at @mirandakeltonphoto so I can check out your post & show it some love! Download the Web-Size versions of your final images to ensure the best quality when posting your images online, & please do not screenshot your images for re-posting as this will result in a blurry or pixelated image when posted. The High-Resolution versions of your images are best used only for print projects - these files are a very large size, so they may not upload quickly & can cause slow load times when uploaded to websites or online apps. Last but not least, I do ask my clients to please refrain from adding filters of any kind to their images, as this is a misrepresentation of my final work & artistic style.

How can I share my gallery with others?

You are more than welcome to share your galleries with anyone you would like! Every gallery is private & password-protected, meaning that no one may access your gallery unless they have been approved to do so & have also created their own account. To share your gallery with someone, you can forward the “Your Gallery Is Ready” email to them, or you may share the direct link via the “Share” arrow located in the top right-hand corner of your account. When this person receives the invitation to view your gallery, they will be able to request access & can sign up for a gallery account of their own. You will receive an email asking you to approve this person’s access request - once you have approved that request, they will be able to have full access to your gallery as well.


How Do I order prints from my Final Image Gallery? 

Did you know that you can order prints in a variety of sizes from your Final Image Gallery? You can easily purchase prints from one of my favorite professional print labs directly within your online gallery in a variety of paper options & sizes, with prices beginning at just $2.50/print. No more frustrating trips to your local Walgreens or Costco to order sets of prints that come back with weird crops, strange color tones, or low resolution!

To order prints, click on the “Shop” tab in the top left-hand corner of your gallery. Select “Prints”, & you will then be redirected to a design area where you can choose the quantity, size, & paper options for your prints - you can order prints with or without a border in a beautiful semi-gloss or matte finish. Once you have submitted your order, I will be able to review it on my end to make sure that your images are correctly cropped, etc. I will then approve & submit that order to my lab, & your order will be delivered within 1-14 business days depending on the shipping options that you have chosen!

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May I make my own prints/order my own products with the images from My Final Image Gallery?

Yes, you can! If you would like to print from a lab of your choice or you want to order a product that is not offered as part of the Studio Product Collection, download the High-Resolution versions of your images from your final gallery & use those files to order your own prints & products. Do not order prints or products with the Web-Size versions of your images - this will result in your products being printed with a low-resolution file & can result in an unsatisfactory end product! Some labs will request a “Print Release” document from the photographer be given to them in order to authorize them to make duplicate prints of your images. A Print Release from my studio will automatically be emailed to you when you download a folder of the High-Res images from your gallery.

Please note: I unfortunately cannot offer support with any product issues that may occur with products you order on your own. I do extensive research to make sure that every lab that I use for my prints & Studio products can consistently deliver a high-quality product. There are many print companies that do not use quality materials for their products, & this can occasionally result in an unsatisfactory end product. I can only guarantee quality for Studio products or for any products you order through your Final Image Gallery. Also, please remember to refer to your Client Contract for any legal details regarding the usage & print/distribution of your final photos.

Ordering Studio Products

How Long Will It Take for my Studio Product Order To Arrive?

Any prints & products that you have ordered during your Image Purchasing Session will be arriving within 4-6 weeks after your invoice has been paid. For my out-of-town clients, prints & products will arrive in the mail - I keep an eye on the tracking for each order & always follow up to confirm that your prints & products have arrived safely. For my local clients, you are welcome to come & pick up your order at the Studio as soon as it is has been completed! For information on how to best care for, store, & display your prints & products, read my Fine Art Prints & Studio Products Care Guide.

Can I order more studio products from my final image gallery? 

If you want to order a Studio Product (Matted Prints, Reveal Box, Album, or Wall Art), please reach out to me directly via email with your request. These are custom products that I am happy to design & order for you! For more information about custom Studio Products, read my Studio Product Collection Guide.

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