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Why do I need all of these prints? What should I do with all of these photos of myself? Can I just get the digital versions of my images?

As a Portrait Photographer, these are questions that I am often asked by my newer clients. I can’t blame them for asking - in our overwhelmingly digital age, it’s become the norm for everyone to snap photos on their cellphones, maybe upload a few to social media, & then leave the rest on their camera roll to be eventually forgotten after a few months. As much as we all love updating our Instagrams & our websites with our shiny new photos from our latest vacation or portrait session, I truly believe that there is nothing that can replace the magic of a printed photograph.

As the world trends more & more toward digital, people are printing their photos less & less. Photos sit on hard drives, flash drives, & CDs - maybe we’ll print them on a Christmas card or graduation announcement, but it’s becoming less common even for professional photographers to provide printed products to their clients! In this blog post, I’ll be sharing a few of the reasons why it’s so important to make the time to print & display your photos, tips on how to find a photographer who can offer quality printed products, & also some advice on how to best store your printed memories! Last but not least, I’ve included a full listing of the products I currently offer here in my Studio. Keep reading to find out more!

Why is it important to Print Your Images?

Here are just a few of the reasons that prints are so important…

  • So many photos get lost, or even accidentally deleted off of old hard drives. Technology can & often does fail!

  • Looking through photos together with your friends & family is a powerful bonding experience, & it creates an opportunity to share stories with one another.

  • Tangible memories are powerful, & there is truly something special about seeing an image you love printed out & up on the wall to admire every day.

  • Prints make amazing, timeless gifts for friends and family.

  • Printed photos allow you to document a moment in time in your life that you and your loved ones will treasure looking back on - a quality print will outlive you.

  • You can’t frame a flash drive. I mean, you could… but do you want to?

  • Prints allow you to to personalize your space, & to create a sense of home wherever you live or work.

  • & the list goes on…

So how can you ensure your that your beautiful images & treasured memories last for generations? Hiring a professional photographer to help you ensures that you’ll receive high-quality prints that will last - no more disappointing accidental crops or weird colors showing up in the photos you ordered online or from your local drugstore! To start, find a photographer who values prints & offers high-quality products that will stand the test of time. It’s important to do your research & to ask your photographer about their experience with printed artwork, albums, wall art, folio boxes, etc. - once you find a photographer that has a style you like, ask them questions like the following:

Does the photographer offer high quality products & print art? Do they have samples of the product they offer that you can come review? Can the photographer recommend different options that will not only work for your budget, but will also look stunning in your home or office space?

Focus on print quality - archival or museum quality prints & products will last the longest! No matter how you store or display your photographs, the most important thing you can do is find a safe location for them. Photos should be kept in areas that are not too hot, cold, or humid. That generally means keeping them in your living space instead of in a basement or attic. Use the spaces where you spend the most of your time to display the images you love!

It’s so important to find a professional photographer who can help you to create a collection of high quality prints & products that you can display in any space! Read on to find out how to best print your memories so that you can document, share, & remember the most important moments in your life - & come explore all of the products & options available here at my portrait studio!

Custom Wall Art

Decorate Your Home Or Office Space

Begins at $450+

If you have a blank area on your wall that needs a little love, wall art is the answer! The options are endless, & Portraits are a home decor purchase that will only grow in value as time goes by.

There are so many ways to display wall art - many people enjoy creating a gallery wall with a selection of multiple smaller framed images, while others prefer to display one large image as a highlight of the room. It’s important to use the spaces where you spend the most of your time to display the images you love!

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The Reveal box

Best for Storage + Display

Begins at $2800+

Store up to thirty of your favorite portraits in this beautiful leather box! The Reveal Box functions as both frame & print storage, & comes with the matted 5x7” archival prints of your choice from your session.

The Reveal Box is a perfect fit for individuals who have a limited amount of wall space, but still want to display their portraits & store them safely. The removable clear lid on the Reveal Box allows you to see through to the print beneath - allowing for both storage for the matted prints of your images that you receive with your session & as a frame that allows you to change out the displayed image as often as you would like!

Each Reveal Box is is hand-made in Italy by skilled craftsmen, & is constructed with high quality leather. All images are printed on archival quality paper with an eco-friendly coating that provides protection against fingerprints & UV exposure.

The Classic Album

Perfect for the coffee table

Begins at $3900+

The Classic Album is protected by a stunning leather box & is ideal for keeping your memories close at hand! Albums are perfect for all kinds of sessions, & are most popular for Family, Senior, or Maternity shoots.

Each Album is hand-made in Italy by skilled craftsmen, & is constructed with high-quality leather. All images are printed on archival-quality paper with an eco-friendly coating that provides protection against fingerprints & UV exposure.



Your Album or Reveal box is fully customizable to match your home & to suit your personal sense of style - choose from different colors & textures to make your piece one of a kind! For Wall Art, you can choose from a variety of sizes, frames, & finishes - Canvas, Metal, you name it. We’re here to help you choose a unique piece or create a custom gallery that fits your space perfectly!

Lifetime Warranty & Materials

Acrylic Mat Holder

A modern clear acrylic block designed to hold a single Mat upright, without distracting from the beautiful photograph.


We use Premium Archival Matte, a beautiful artist-grade paper that is heavy (230 gsm), neutral white, and acid-free.


Artique® Conservation matboard. FSC Certified alpha-cellulose. 100% acid- and lignin-free, pH buffered, bleed and fade resistant. 


We perform giclée printing onto Urth canvas, which is certified archival and OBA-free (containing no chemical additives or florescent whiteners). It is heavy-weight (400 gsm) and 22 mil thick, designed specifically for the high-end fine art & photography markets. 


Images are infused onto the surface of aluminum that has been treated with a special dye-sublimation coating. The image transfer takes place under high temperature and pressure, creating a clear, crisp, vibrant, and durable print. The Gloss finish is shiny and printed on a white background. It looks a lot like an acrylic print. Our Satin option is also printed on a white background, but with a matte finish that is not very reflective. Finally, the Sheer finish is flatter and printed on a clear coating—this allows the grain of the metal to show through, especially when light hits the print.


A Lifetime Warranty is included with every product sold by Miranda Kelton Photography. If any accidental damage should happen to a print or product, we will replace it for you. Only the finest products leave our Studio, & we guarantee that these heirloom quality items are carefully handcrafted by our selected Labs & partners. Your prints & products are meant to last a lifetime!

Gift Cards

Gift a photoshoot to someone you love

Custom Amounts Available

Gift a session, or have your friends & family contribute to your own photoshoot! All Gift Card packages are available for purchase either online or in-studio.

To learn more about Gift Card Packages, click the button below!


You deserve a luxury experiencE… including the luxury to pay later.

We now offer promotional interest-free financing options through Synchrony Bank here at the Studio! We are always looking for new ways to make the photoshoot experience as accessible & stress-free as possible for our clients, & we’re excited to be able to offer a variety of monthly payment plans that will allow you to break up the cost of your Image Collections & Studio Products. Ask for more info during your complimentary consultation!


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