What To Wear For Your Personal Branding Photoshoot


What should I wear for my photoshoot?

Ah yes, the age-old question… what should I wear? Choosing outfits for an upcoming photoshoot is often one of the most stressful parts of the process - it can be really easy to overthink it, to procrastinate on planning until the last minute, & to feel just generally freaked out about how you are going to manage & coordinate all of the little details for yourself & for anyone else who may be involved in your photoshoot.

Here’s what I’ve got for you: Below is a list of ten do’s & dont’s to keep in mind when it comes to planning your wardrobe + accessories, along with some bonus tips & links to some other blog posts that will help you to get organized. Also, all of my custom & personal branding photoshoot clients receive a Welcome Packet that includes very detailed guides & instructions (for both men & women!) that will help you to easily pick out a great variety of pieces to wear for your photoshoot.

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  1. Focus on your favorites: We all have a favorite dress or shirt that we feel most confident in - definitely bring along clothing that you love to wear as this will help you feel more at ease during your photoshoot. This goes for accessories too - bring a special necklace, your favorite hat, etc. Mix in items that show your personality!

  2. Bring your clothes clean & ironed: It goes without saying that we want you to look your best! Make sure that your clothing is ready to be worn on the day of your shoot - we do have a steamer on hand for touchups, but it’s best to bring your clothing in already ironed & wrinkle-free.

  3. Bring options: Sometimes there will be an outfit that you thought you would love, but you may end up actually not liking how it looks in your photos… & on the other hand, sometimes you’ll have a shirt that you’re not sure will work - & you’ll decide you love how it looks in your favorite portraits. Options are really important as this will ensure you have plenty of variety to choose from - we want you to be confident that you’re going to love your images!

  4. Choose some colors that match your home decor: If you’re wanting to order some wall art from your session for your living space, dress to coordinate with your home. Is your home light, bright and airy or moody and dark? What colors do you decorate with? What style do you lean towards? Are you looking for a clean, modern family photo to hang in your entryway? Or would you prefer a boho, artistic portrait to display in your cozy, plant-filled bedroom?

  5. Pack appropriate undergarments: For example, nude colors (please no purple bras under white shirts, my friends…), seamless underwear, & matching socks.

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Definitely don’t:

  1. Wear clothes that don’t feel like “you”: Don’t force yourself to wear a certain piece or type of clothing just because you feel that you “should” - if you’re not a blazer girl, don’t wear a blazer. If you’re more of a tennis-shoes guy, don’t feel like you only have to wear dress shoes - bring those casual options as well!

  2. Wear items that are too tight or are just plain uncomfy: Keep in mind that you’ll be moving around during your photoshoot - you want to be able to breathe easily whether you’re sitting or standing. Try everything on in advance - if something doesn’t feel quite right, leave it behind or see if you can get it altered.

  3. Only bring options that are brightly colored, have crazy patterns, or are super trendy: Be sure you mix in some neutral & classic pieces too! If you love dressing in quirky clothes, that’s totally fine - just be sure to bring some basics as well to make sure that you have a good variety to choose from.

  4. Wear lots of branded clothing: Unless it’s clothing from your personal brand or business, try to steer away from only bringing options that have obvious brand names & logos on them. You don’t want to look like a walking advertisement - simple options are always the most timeless!

  5. Wait until the last minute to plan: The sooner you are able to plan what you’re going to wear, the better! This will give you plenty of time to order anything extra you might need, & will also help you not feel stressed out with too many tasks during the days leading up to your shoot.


BONUS TIPS & Tricks:

  1. Consider your Brand Colors & Style: If you’re having a Personal Branding Photoshoot, keep in mind any existing color palettes that you may already be using in your business. Be sure to wear complimentary colors so that your outfits support your brand & don’t clash with your company’s visuals. Think about what types of outfits you wear every day to work, to professional events, when you’re relaxing at home, etc. - what aspects of yourself & your brand do you want to highlight?

  2. Forgot something? Don’t worry… I’ve got all sorts of fun things on hand in the Studio to help us out with any Wardrobe or Style emergencies: Lint Rollers, a Clothing Steamer, Safety Pins, Double-sided Tape, nipple covers (you may laugh, but we go through a lot of these!), hair & makeup touchup supplies, extra chapsticks, eye drops, & more.

  3. Coordinating outfits for a family session? My number one tip is this: Start with Mom. If mom doesn’t feel like she looks great, she won’t love the photos - & we don’t want that to happen! Let mom pick out her outfits first & then coordinate the color & style rest of the family’s outfits to hers. Try to keep everyone on the same page & stick with a simple, neutral color palette of 2-4 colors. If mom’s outfit has a few colors, pull colors from that for everyone else to wear.


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