Why To Hire A Wardrobe Stylist For Your Photoshoot | Q&A With Natalie Allard


Have you ever found yourself wishing: “If only I could just hire someone to help me decide what to wear for my upcoming Photoshoot - I have so much planning to do & I don’t know where to begin!”

You wouldn’t be the only one - The process of deciding what to wear & what outfit accessories to bring is often one of the most overwhelming parts of planning & preparing for a photoshoot! At my Portrait Studio, I provide every client with a detailed wardrobe planning guide that will help them to select the perfect outfits for their photoshoot. In addition, you’ll also have the option to book a Wardrobe Consultation with my Wardrobe Stylist to get some extra help with planning outfits - I highly recommend to all of my clients that they take advantage of this service.

If you’ve ever wanted to pick a Wardrobe Stylist’s brain, now is your chance!

Natalie Allard is a Wardrobe Stylist based here in Bend, Oregon & her personal styling company Allard Studios focuses on helping women feel and look their best. If you’ve ever opened the doors to an overflowing closet & still felt like you had nothing to wear, Natalie is here to help - she’ll help you take the chaos out of your closet & will make sure that you feel confident for your upcoming photoshoot!

Keep reading to learn more about Natalie & to discover what it’s like to work with a Wardrobe Stylist for your photoshoot! A great Wardrobe Stylist will help you with planning your outfits, show you how to incorporate options that are already in your closet, & recommend the colors, cuts, & styles that are best for you & your body type. You’ll even receive a personalized list of where to shop for any extra wardrobe pieces that you may need for your upcoming project!

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Hi, Natalie! Tell us a little bit about yourself - What is your favorite part about being a wardrobe stylist? 

I have been working in fashion for 10 years; I started as a fashion show coordinator, moved into PR, and from there began working as a Stylist. I was living in LA and was mainly working with celebrity clients, and while I learned a ton and it was really fun, it just wasn’t fulfilling for me in the way I’d hoped. There was a particular job where I was an assistant on a makeover segment for a popular talk show, and seeing the way the client lit up afterward was a game-changer for me. I started focusing on Personal Styling, and I now run my own company where I help women unlock their style and teach them how to feel empowered by their wardrobe. My favorite part of being a Stylist is seeing a woman’s face light up when she looks in the mirror wearing something that fits just right. Helping women uncover their style and step into their confidence is the biggest inspiration for me.

Why do you feel that it is beneficial for people to work with a wardrobe stylist for their photoshoot? 

Whether you’re doing a photoshoot for your business, getting family photos, or anything in between - you want to feel your best, right? When we feel great, that confidence shines through. Working with a professional can help you nail down the best colors and silhouettes for both your body and your lifestyle. Anybody can Google what to wear to a photoshoot, but that doesn’t take into consideration everything that makes you you. Your wardrobe can help showcase your personality, and help you stand out in your photos. 

Can you tell us a little about How & Why choosing the right wardrobe ahead of time can help to lower someone’s stress & to boost their confidence before their photoshoot? 

If you have the right options that you feel great in, that excitement will help amplify your confidence. When you feel great, you look great! There is such a sinking feeling that can come when you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing or with how you look. Being prepared ahead of time can make all the difference in a successful session. You’ll show up excited to get started, instead of second-guessing yourself. Whether you feel fully confident or want to hide from the camera, it will show through in the photos. If you’re investing in professional photos, you owe it to yourself to show up in the right way. 

Do you have any advice for people who are nervous about working with a wardrobe stylist for the first time? 

Once you work with a Stylist and see the magic that they can create, you’ll be hooked for life! There is such an empowering feeling that comes with wearing something that you know looks amazing on you. Having proof of that through professional photos is incredible.

My biggest piece of advice would be to trust the process. Understand that the job of a Stylist is to help you feel your best. Be open to trying a different color or fit - you might be pleasantly surprised! And always speak up if you truly don’t love something. The goal is to help you shine, so if something feels wrong to you or is uncomfortable, let your Stylist know. 

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What are a few of your favorite places to shop or to source wardrobe & accessories from for a photoshoot? 

It’s so hard to generalize because each client has different priorities, a different aesthetic, and a different budget. First, I love to source from the client’s own closet. What do you have that you feel great in? What jewelry, accessories or props have special meaning to you? What do we need to shop for to amplify what you already own and love? Another advantage of hiring a Stylist is that it’s our job to get creative with what we have, and I really love to find new combinations in a client’s closet that they haven’t tried before. Then, I make a list of what we need to source in order to build on what we already have to work with. Of course, vintage spots & thrift stores are great places to find unique pieces. Amazon can also be great for props because delivery is quick and returns are easy. I love to utilize Amazon’s Try Before You Buy so you can try on pieces at home risk-free. For the last photoshoot I worked on, I sourced from Amazon, Madewell, Anthropologie, and Nordstrom

How does the Wardrobe Consultation process work for a photoshoot?

Over a one-hour call we’ll discuss your goals for the session, how many looks you’ll wear, any props you may need, and we’ll discover what you can use from your own closet. We’ll go over the best colors, silhouettes, and accessories for both your body and your lifestyle. If you need to buy additional pieces to amplify what you already own, you’ll receive a list of items after the call. You will also receive a checklist of everything you’ll need to bring with you to the photoshoot. After you schedule your consultation, I will send over a questionnaire for you to fill out about your style, and will be in touch to schedule our 60 minute call. Click here to learn more: Photoshoot Consultation | Allard Studios - let’s create your new look together!

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