Ellie Naderi | Personal Branding Photoshoot in Downtown Bend, Oregon

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Ellie’s Branding Portraits

Bend, Oregon

I have been anxiously awaiting the day that I could finally share these beautiful personal branding portraits of my lovely client, Ellie! Ellie works in the Healthcare industry here in Bend, Oregon, & she reached out to me looking for a set of portraits that she could use for her business, Dental Solutions by Ellie Naderi. I feel like I say this about every project, but this shoot was truly one of my favorites - the results from this session are absolutely outstanding!

After consulting with Ellie & her team, we decided to have her photoshoot at a few different locations in order to get her the exact mix of photos that she needed. Also, not only were we able to create a variety of portraits of her for her new website, but we included her two children at the end of her session & took some personal family photos for her as well. Keep reading to learn more about Ellie’s personal branding session & to see her final images!

Ellie needed a set of photos that showed her looking professional, but still friendly & relatable. With shoots like these, I like to plan a shot list that includes several different types of photos so that the client will have plenty of images & a good variety to choose from after their shoot. For Ellie, this list included a basic corporate headshot, some lifestyle portraits (images that are a bit more relaxed and show a little more of your personal style), & some action/interaction photos that showed her in action while working with a client. I believe that it’s very important to create this diverse mix of imagery for my clients so that they can have all of the appropriate photos on hand for things like speaking engagements, print marketing, website images, social media posts, etc.

For Ellie’s photoshoot, we decided to start off with a few shots at a local coworking space, The Collective NWX. The owner of this space was gracious enough to rent us their conference room & a few other areas in the building so that we could create some shots of Ellie “consulting with a client”. If you’re wanting to show some action & interaction in your photos, it can be really helpful to have a couple of extra people on set to act as your “client” or “customer”. I will often find someone to come & model for photos like these, but in this situation, Ellie brought a friend along so that we could get some shots of them interacting together!

She knew she wanted to be outdoors for most of her session, so we also planned to shoot at a few areas in Downtown Bend to give us that more urban, industrial look. Bend has so many neat little buildings and corners that serve as great backdrops, & we were able to get some amazing shots all within the same block or two.

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After finishing up our set of shots at The Collective NWX & doing a quick outfit change, we headed to Downtown Bend to get some more photos of Ellie in an outdoor setting. We were able to get some beautiful headshots & lifestyle portraits of her in a few different spots - a brick wall always makes for a classic but stunning backdrop! It can be challenging to create the time to fit in a wide variety of photos during a session, & one of my favorite ways to make this happen is to pick a location that has a lot of different areas to shoot at all within walking distance of each other. It’s really valuable to be in a place that offers a lot of visual variety so that you don’t have to drive to multiple places to get that wide range of images that you need!

Last but not least, we walked down to nearby Drake Park & had Ellie’s kids join us for a few photos as well. Such a beautiful family - I love when my clients bring their family members to their shoots! I really encourage people to show off a more personal side to themselves in a few of their branding photos… clients often request to have some photos with their family members, their pets, photos of them engaging in their favorite hobby, at one of their favorite places, in their home, etc.

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Ellie was so in love with her photos & she was truly a dream client - I had so much fun with her & her family during her photoshoot! We were able to get the perfect mix of photos that she needed, & I can’t wait to see how all of her new images look on her website. Click the buttons below to see her full image gallery & to visit her site as well!

I hope you all enjoyed this little glimpse into this Personal Branding shoot! If you’re interested in learning more about different types of Branding photography, be sure to check out my blog on the “10 Types Of Branding & Business Photography” to learn more. Feel free to leave a comment below as well if you’ve got questions about setting up your own shoot, or check out my Booking page for more information about packages & shoot structure. Till next time! - MK

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