The Top 5 Things To Look For In A Branding Photographer


How Do I Find & Hire the Best Personal Branding Photographer?

How much will a Branding Photoshoot cost? Will my photographer help me plan locations? Will they retouch my photos? What else do I need to know?

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner seeking to elevate your brand, the decision to invest in a Branding Photoshoot is a wise one - a branding session will provide you with custom images that you can use to market your products & services. However, the process of figuring out how to choose a Branding Photographer to work with can feel like a daunting task - not all photographers are created equal, so it's essential to know what to look for when you’re trying to find & hire an amazing Branding Photographer. To learn more about what Branding Photography is & why it’s important, click here: What Is Branding Photography?

Got questions? Here’s how to select a Branding Photographer who will be the perfect fit for you & your business!

What is a Branding Photographer?

A Branding Photographer is a photographer who specializes in creating custom, specific images for individuals & businesses to use for their marketing or self-promotional purposes. Branding Photographers will either work with an individual who has a Personal Brand (usually someone providing a service, for example: a yoga teacher, a life coach, a realtor, etc.), or with a business that is focused on promoting their products (examples: a restaurant, a clothing shop, a company that sells custom dog jackets, etc.). A Branding Photographer will meet with the business owner or head of marketing to discuss what types of images they need & why they need them, & will then create specific images that the company can use on their websites, social media accounts, etc. to market their products & services.

#1. Photographer’s Portfolio

The very first thing you should look at when choosing a personal branding photographer is their portfolio. A professional photographer will have a well-rounded portfolio that showcases their previous work - you should be able to see the quality of their images & see the types of clients they have worked with. By reviewing their portfolio & image galleries, you can get a sense of their style & will begin to see whether their work aligns with the images you have in mind for your brand. Take a look at their social media accounts as well (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.) to see if they have other examples of their work, their process, behind-the-scenes photos & videos, etc. Be sure to read their online reviews as well on Google, Facebook, or Yelp - it can be really helpful to read past client’s testimonials to get a sense of what a photoshoot with a particular photographer will be like.

#2. Photographer’s Experience

An experienced photographer will have the skills & resources needed to capture your unique story & to portray it in a way that aligns with your brand. They will know how to create the right atmosphere, set the mood, & can make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Look for a photographer who has experience working with all types of individuals & who understands the unique needs of personal branding photography. It’s also important to look at the types of work they have done in the past - do they do photoshoots indoors? In a Studio? On-location? Outdoors in different types of environments? All of the above? Proper lighting know-how plays a big role in the look & feel of your photography, & what works for one genre of photography may not work as well for another.

The exact type of photos a Branding Photographer will create can vary widely depending on the business’s needs - they may be taking product or food photos, portraits, headshots, team photos, interior photos, outdoor &/or indoor shots, & more throughout the course of the photoshoot. When looking to hire a Branding Photographer to create content for your business, consider the exact type of photography you are looking for & try to find someone who is experienced in that area. Many photographers specialize in just one or two types of photography, & it is important to be sure that the photographer you hire has the skills, experience, & gear at their disposable to be able to create the exact type of images that you need!

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#3. Photographer’s Creative Style & Process

Your Personal Branding Photographer should be able to offer ideas & suggestions on how to capture your brand identity in a visually appealing way. Look for a photographer who is not afraid to experiment with different techniques, angles, & lighting to achieve the desired effect. Do you like a bright & airy look to your photos? Dark & moody? Vibrant & colorful? Do you prefer a corporate & traditional style, or would you rather be creative & playful? It’s very important to pick a photographer who is able to fit the style of your brand!

Other things to consider are the amenities your photographer may or may not include with your session: Does your photographer offer professional hair & makeup services? Is retouching & editing included in the cost of your photos? Do they have access to a Studio? Can they offer you help with picking out what to wear, etc.? Do they offer any physical products (albums, prints, etc.) in addition to digital images?

#4. Photographer’s Personality, Communication, & Planning Skills

Your Photographer should definitely be someone you feel comfortable around! They should be able to communicate with you effectively & collaborate with you to create a vision for your brand photography. They should take the time to understand your brand, your target audience, your values, & then work with you to develop a plan that aligns with your goals. Look for a photographer who is responsive, listens to your needs, & who is willing to work with you throughout the entire process.

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#5. Photographer’s Pricing & Package Options

Last but not least, there are many different ways that Photographers structure their Personal Branding Packages. Be sure that you fully understand your photographer’s rates before you commit to booking with them! Photographers often charge either by the hour, by location, by the amount of looks (outfits you wear), or by the number of photos you would like to receive. Some Photographers charge their entire fee in full upfront - & some request a partial deposit for booking & then charge a separate Package Fee after the session depending on the products & images you would like to buy. There is no right or wrong way for a photographer to charge - just be sure you take the time to understand their pricing structure before your photoshoot to avoid any confusion.

Also, definitely keep your budget in mind as you start researching photographers in your area. The more experience a photographer has, the more expensive they will tend to be, so be sure to choose someone who is in line with your budget for your project.

Choosing a personal branding photographer is an important decision.

If you can’t find a photographer local to your area, it may be worth expanding your horizons a bit - try looking for someone located in your nearest major city. Many of the top personal branding photographers in the industry have clients that will fly across the country to work with them specifically! The options really are endless if you are looking for the best quality & want to have an amazing experience.

By keeping these five tips in mind, you can find a photographer who will help to create the perfect custom images for your brand. Remember to review their portfolio, check their experience, assess their personality, evaluate their creative approach, & ensure they have excellent communication & collaboration skills. With the right photographer on your side, you can create stunning visual marketing materials that will showcase your unique story & set your business apart from the competition!


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